Oversized transportation

Oversized transportation is one of the main activities of the company Autoprevoz 2. MAJ. We have all the necessary equipment, knowledge and human potential, which guarantee our ability to offer transportation of very heavy and oversized goods. We use our own equipment from leading world manufacturers such as Goldhofer, Doll, Nooteboom.

We perform extraordinary transportation of heavy loads, i.e. oversized transportation, with specific equipment that meets all the requirements of the road infrastructure, as well as all safety requirements.

We provide our clients with transportation services of machines and equipment from various fields such as:

  • construction industrytransport of machines for digging piles, transport of loaders, transport of excavators, transport of crushers, transport of bulldozers, transport of drills, transport of caterpillars, transport of dumpers, etc.),

  • agriculture: transport of pickers, transport of tractors and other agricultural equipment,

  • petrochemical industry: transportation of process equipment for the petrochemical, gas and chemical industries),
  • metal industry,
  • brewing industry: transport of tanks, transport of fermenters, transport of machines, etc.
  • thermal power plants: transportation of transformers, transportation of turbines, transportation of generators, transportation of rotors, transportation of stators, etc.,
  • hydropower plants: transportation of parts for hydropower plants,
  • wind parks: transportation of wind turbine parts, etc.

We apply high standards in the field of occupational safety and health.