Crane trucks

By a "crane truck" we mean a truck, a dump truck with an added crane. A hand or bucket can be attached to the crane, as needed. A crane truck is used when lifting large amounts of construction waste, rubble and other heavy and bulky items. We offer crane trucks rental at very affordable prices.

A crane truck is usually driven by a driver who is also a crane operator.

During mechanical loading of rubble, a truck with a crane is most often used.

A truck with a bucket – a bucket can be attached to the crane, so that in addition to the classic lifting of loads, loading can also be done. The bucket can handle up to 300 kilograms of rubble or waste. When renting a truck with a crane, it comes with all the necessary accessories for different types of cargo.

Where is a crane truck used?

  • When transporting large quantities of rubble

  • Transportation of containers

  • Removal of large quantities of old white goods or furniture

  • Transportation and removal of bulky items

  • Transportation of sand

  • Land transportation

  • Coal transportation

  • Transportation of machines

  • Transportation of pallets

  • Transportation and loading of wood

A crane truck is most often rented during the day, as daylight is needed to do the job safely. There is also the possibility of renting at night, but then good lighting is required.

We apply high standards in the field of occupational safety and health.